Matrix Reimprinting

Revisit and rewrite difficult past experiences. Feel peace and acceptance with Matrix Reimprinting.
Matrix Reimprinting (Matrix) was developed in 2010 by UK EFT Master Karl Dawson. Whilst Emotional Freedom Techniques help you recall events and reduce the emotional intensity you carry from them, Matrix guides you to specific events and allows you to tap on your younger self. This allows you to change the perception, beliefs and feelings you are holding on to. Often these are events that took place at an early age. We aren’t aware they still affect us and trigger certain behaviours and emotions.
Once you are free from the trauma, we re-imprint a changed picture in your mind, body and heart, creating a deep level of healing.
In just one session, you’ll see how we can access past events to create a shift in your emotional wellbeing and free yourself from limiting beliefs and feelings that stop you from living your full life with a stoma – colostomy or ileostomy.
Matrix Reimprinting can be used for a wide range of issues and can help you:
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“Through the Matrix work, I’ve been able to change my relationship with some painful memories. It's been a revelation.”

Rachel, January 2021