Hi, I'm Lara Rose.


I empower women pre and post stoma surgery to feel confident, content and in control.

Empowering women
pre and post stoma surgery to feel
confident, content and in control

Are you struggling to come to terms with having a colostomy or ileostomy bag or feel over-whelmed since learning about your stoma surgery? Are you worried what to eat, what to wear, how to be with your partner, or feel anxious just to leave the house? Do you fear never feeling in control of your life again?
I get it. I’ve felt all of these things too.
Walking my daughter to nursery in 2013, I woke up in ICU with a shattered pelvis and an emergency ostomy. I’d been hit by a car. Six months later my stoma was re-sited and now I have a bag for life.
Learning to walk again was one thing. Learning to accept my life with a stoma was another. I also had my family to support and a life to lead. I didn’t know anyone with a bag and I struggled to find help. I felt isolated, overwhelmed and often depressed. My confidence was lost both emotionally and physically.
Bags of Calm was born out of the desire to help other women come to terms with their stoma and bag. I am committed to showing how life with a stoma does not mean a life of restriction. I aim to support and empower women to live the life they want to lead, helping them take back control.
Now, professionally qualified in several alternative therapies that helped me find my way back to me and keep me moving forward, I am able to share this gift with others. Bags of Calm will help you develop lifelong tools to keep you feeling confident, content and in control; empowering you to live the life you deserve.
Be supported every step of the way by someone that understands, and see how much better things can be.

Lara Rose.

‘Lara is a gifted Practitioner who I highly recommend. She has guided me with gentleness, care and love. She is so supportive and goes way beyond her skills as a Practitioner.”

Nicole, July 2020