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Bags of Calm
banner-img-2 A mind, body and bag approach, pre and post stoma surgery banner-img-3 Feel confident, content and in control

A mind, body and bag approach for
women pre and post stoma surgery.

Introducing women who live with a stoma to life-changing techniques and healing therapies.

Bags of Calm helps women with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy to keep moving forward and live life to the full. Through tailored one-to-one and group support you can feel more confident, content and in control; bag and all.


"Lara has given me not just hope, but the tools to create genuine change. I’m so grateful to have this support and guidance as I move forward.”

Rachel, January 2021

“Sessions are incredibly empowering and have a huge impact on my ability to retain a positive outlook.”

Gemma, November 2020

“I have been able to move through past experiences, where emotions were incredibly hard to face and come to a place of safety, ease and resolve.”

Sophie, April 2021