My love affair with EFT

At the point I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/ Tapping) I was pretty desperate for ways to manage the chronic pain, unwanted flashbacks and often-debilitating anxiety I was experiencing. Thoughts relating to my stoma and living with a colostomy bag seemed to demand my attention all the time – would this food upset my stomach, would I
have a leak while I was out, would there be a toilet with a window, what if my stomach
made a noise in public, could anyone smell my bag and…. I wanted to scream…I wondered if
I would I ever feel ‘normal’ again. It was exhausting.Then I was introduced to Tapping and amazingly…because really, it’s a pretty odd
technique…my mind felt a little lighter and brighter, my pain felt a little less and after just
one session it didn’t feel so awful to look at myself in the mirror. How I came to have a
stoma may be different from you but I know I am not alone in having a stomach full of scars
(plus some beauties from the accident I was in). I had to adapt to looking at myself with a
bag on my stomach, and then seeing a part of my insides on the outside when I wasn’t
wearing a bag– well, as you know, it’s a lot to adapt to. But I clearly remember looking at
myself in the mirror that night and the shame and sadness I had felt for the last 6 months
just didn’t seem to bother me so much anymore. It was pretty amazing.After my second EFT session I knew I had to train in EFT. I had always worked with
vulnerable children and their families, and I was desperate to learn EFT to share it with
others. But I’ll let you into a secret: the person who most needed healing was me. My
training alone helped me so much for me, and like many newbies to Tapping, I would Tap
day and night on all the things that had been bugging pre and post stoma surgery. I started
to learn about core beliefs, and how we create ways of being at a young age to protect us in
some way but how as we become adults these go-to patterns of behaviour can actually start
to hold us back. My response to the accident and learning my stoma was permanent
triggered many old beliefs and old patterns of being that were actually slowing down my
recovery. Tapping helped release my overwhelm and anxiety so that I could start to choose
more helpful ways to approach challenges in my life. For the first time, I really started
embrace the idea that I had to put my own healing and self-care first, in order to help
others.And people would still like me! I would still be a good person. I was amazed at how much
less physical pain I felt the more I tapped and released the trauma, sadness, anger,
resentment, jealously and despair I felt in my first year of recovering as well as pain and
trauma I had never really let go of from my past.7 years on I am still amazed by this strange thing called Tapping. When I am having one of those days when nothing seems to be going right – my stoma is not behaving, my body
aches or an unwanted memory pops into my mind, I take a moment to sit and slowly Tap
around the points I will share with you. I say out loud what is on my mind (there is no sugar coating with Tapping – we just say it as it is) and find within minutes I can just breathe a little easier, feel a little lighter and be a lot kinder to myself in that moment. My love affair
with EFT continues every single day and it is a major player in my self-care routine.Image credit: unsplash.comBack to Blog