When you are questioning how you are ever going to heal from your stoma surgery, live with your colostomy or ileostomy bag, and feeling depressed at the idea of not being able to wear half your wardrobe again, it’s not surprising your emotional self-care doesn’t get a look in.

In those first few weeks and months of adapting to life with a stoma, working out how to change a bag, dealing with pancaking and ballooning, working out what to eat and wear can seem to dominate life. It can feel hard to stop and process the loss you may be feeling (or that voice that is shouting out “Why me?! This isn’t fair!”). Sometimes it seems like it’s best to keep going, to push on through and keep that brave face plastered on, than to take some time to care for our minds as well as our bodies. But here’s the thing… if we keep batting away the things that really bother us, they start to come out in other ways: irritation, lack of concentration, deep sadness, anger, anxiety, depression.
In sessions with clients, we work together on releasing all the thoughts, feelings and memories that are stopping them from feeling calm and in control pre- and post-stoma surgery.
You may be able to change a bag in less than a minute flat two months post-surgery but if your mind is racing before and after because you can’t bear to look at your body, and you are too scared to do any exercises because of fear of a hernia, or you are too anxious to meet a friend for a coffee and do the things you used to live to do then honestly, you may never feel at home in your new life…
If you work with me you will come away with some amazing daily tools to help you feel calm and content but at the heart of what I offer is a whole toolkit helping you to make your emotional self-care a non-negotiable part of your stoma care. You will be amazed at how being compassionate and kind to yourself can help your recovery, ease your pain and help you live your life to the full, stoma, bag and all.
Image credit: unsplash.com