Today, rather than listening to a podcast like I usually do when I run, I just listened to a song on repeat.  I know that may sound strange, but the song, called We can Do Hard Things by Tish Melton, always seems to soothe my mind. My mind has been pretty busy recently so this morning I just kept playing it whilst I ran.

I thought it would just become white noise but every time I heard the line “we can do hard things” I really started to feel a sense of strength wash over me. Not something I always feel when running!

And as I started to embody the idea that I could do hard things, I became more conscious of all the hard things my body has done, especially over the last 8 years recovering from a shattered pelvis and two stoma surgeries, and I just felt inspired to consciously praise my body. In my head I told my body:

‘Wow! you are amazing for running like this! You really have done so many hard things, just look at you now! Look at the way you are moving, your strength, it is incredible!”

And because I truly believing in the mind-body connection I didn’t want to leave my mind out of this! So I began to consciously and compassionately praise my mind too. 

“Aren’t you amazing for keeping focused, for sticking with this, for doing hard things!”

The nicer I was to myself the happier and stronger I felt…and I just kept on running! And honestly, the parts of the run I usually find hard, the uphill parts when my lower back hurts, just did not cause me any pain.

And when near the end my hip started to twinge, I just took some time to compassionately talk to my hip, really sending my heartfelt awe and support to my amazing hip – and the pain went away and I just kept on running! 

And whilst this may sound completely woo woo to you, I offer it to you as another beautiful example of how mindful self-compassion and energetic healing can leave you feeling so much stronger.  Opposed to the deflation you may feel when trying to motivate yourself with a harmful concoction of shame, harsh criticism, and the idea that we must push through pain.

So, next time you are doing something you find hard pre & post stoma surgery, remember to bring your focus and energy to the parts of your mind and body that need the most compassion. Tell all parts of you how amazing you are for being you and in the words of Tish Melton (& Glennon Doyle!), remember, we can do hard things!

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